City of Gamers was founded in the year 2017, the 1st branch was C.O.G. Calamba and by the year after Tanauan branch was born, it was a year 2018 and by the same year Lipa branch was build. We are fierce for obtain such a rapid speed growth and we will be unstoppable. To reach out to those who want to get a better life. We want to push our limits and our imaginations to make them into reality. Making a better life for others. So we want you to know that we are open for those who to invest their money because this is one of the fastest growth business in this particular aspect. We want our next branch to be prestigious and we will make it happen. So what are you waiting for? Be one of us.

To God be the Glory.


To reach out and make life easier that provides information to our valued customers that operates 24/7 of customer services and also giving them fast internet access, rest assured that we have the latest hardware and software and includes expanding our business and also can invest and be one of us.


To be one of the largest and be the internet café in the Philippines, giving inspirational, dedication, commitment and empowering people. nothing is impossible, just believe and have actions.


Branches and Counting


Happy Customers


Top of the Line Units


Share Holders


Strategically located cafes. Comfortable. Fast units.

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Lipa Branch
Lipa Branch
Lipa Branch


What we do

24/7 Operations

You can play whenever you want.

Round the clock, ready to server you.

Value for Money

We provide the best service and equipments.

You would come back for more.

Serve with love

Sit back and relax.

You only need to concentrate in playing.

Best Connections

We make sure its uninterrupted. We have the best internet service provider.

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of investing
P1,500 per sbare
  • FULL SYSTEM - you don't have to worry about anything.
  • Growing number of branches.
  • Secured Investment
  • We'll manage everything for you
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of investing
P1,500 per share
  • Daily/Monthly income
  • Personal website - you can monitor your income 24/7
  • Incentives/Bonuses up for grabs
  • With contract & agreement for security
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